Return Policy


By placing an order with Be U Gorgeous, you agree to have read and agreed with our terms, policies, and agreements. All policies may be updated or changed at any time. 

Here at Be U Gorgeous, your satisfaction is our number one priority.  We stand by our standards of quality and take great measures to ensure you are getting a great product every time. 

Please be advised that all sales are final. We do not accept opened, used, or altered products to comply with safety and sanitary guidelines.


Order Issues:

Once an order is delivered, you may report any damages or errors with your order within 24 hours. You can contact us at  to submit a claim. Please be advised that claims cannot be submitted after this time.

In the event, you have a return issue (at no fault of Be U Gorgeous). You may submit a claim with our support team. Please be advised that we will not accept opened, used, or altered products. A 20% restocking fee shall be applied upon approval. 

Chargeback Policy:

By making a payment with Be U Gorgeous, you certify that you are the legal owner of the card used. You agree that you are accepting service or product in full compliance with our terms and agreements (including returns and service policy). 

 Disputes should be addressed with our support team and resolved with the customer directly. All illegal chargebacks or false claims may be subject to litigation. In the event that a dispute is issued by your bank, all services will cease. Legal notices, collections, and criminal charges may be issued at any point by Be U Gorgeous.